SOMASI NTB Strengthen the Village Fund Allocation Monitoring in 2015

SOMASI NTB continue to empower people in West Sumbawa District, particularly in monitoring the village fund allocation (ADD) capacity, which this fund will drop next 2015. That’s why the understanding about village fund allocation become important, to prevent the potency of corruption. People hope that fund will manage well and used appropriate with the objective.[…]

Community Center of Dasan Anyar Village : Proactive on Accessing Health and Education Services

Dasan Anyar is a village in West Sumbawa regency (KSB) which becomes affected areas of mining activities from PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara (PT NNT). The presence of PT NNT in West Sumbawa regency contributes significantly to local revenues. With high revenue derived partly from the mining sector, it should be able to encourage people to[…]