Policy Innovation on Village Fund Allocation of Oil and Gas in Bojonegoro

In 2009, The local government of Bojonegoro District has innovative policy. They allocated 12,5 percent of Revenue Sharing on Oil and Gas to villages in Bojonegoro District. This allocation is 60% for all of villages which is called OG Village Fund allocation, and 40% for villages which proportionally divided based on regional variable, it is called OG Proportional Village Fund Allocation.

The mechanism of 60% OG Village Fund Allocation is roled in Regent Regulation no.2/2015 in General Guidlines and Technical Instruction in Implementation of Village Fund Allocation, Village Fund, Tax Revenue Sharing, and Retribution Revenue Sharing for villages in Bojonegoro District.

The Transparency Mechanism on Oil and Gas Governance in Bojonegoro District

How to build a transparency mechanism on oil and gas governance? This factsheet will explain about the mechanism in Bojonegoro. Bojonegoro is one of oil and gas rich areas in Indonesia. To encourage the transparency mechanism, its need cooperation among oil and gas corporation, Poverty alleviation Coordinating Team (SKPD), central government, and transparency team, also Bojonegoro’s citizen as beneficiaries.

Module: Poverty Resource Center (PRC), Center of Poverty Data and Information in Bojonegoro District

This module is about poverty map making process which is called “Poverty Resource Center”. This is an application that shows a map about poverty data statistic in Bojonegoro, and this app can upload in website. Thats why this app can be access by everyone easily. Its aimed to ease the utilization of poverty data and information, in taking data, monitoring, and policy evaluation. This app and module are initiated by Bojonegoro Institute.