63 Year Operations, Residents Only Got Dust and Noise

Condition in

Condition in resident of Sungai Limau house at night (doc. FITRA Riau)

“Sixty years of operation, residents only get dust and noise,” said Madi in mind-chief Tribal of Talang Mamak- that lived in Sungai Limau. Sungai Limau is an affected areas of the working area of Oil and Gas of Block Binio. Residents often heard the whiz of the oil refineries engine while operating.

Binio block operate in Sungai Limau, District Kulim Rafts, since the 1950s. Until now there are 40 oil wells with lufkin mostly still active. According to centre of statistical agency of Indragiri Hulu, Block Binio is the largest producer of oil and gas in the Indragiri Hulu district. Unfortunately, the size of production from this block did not gave any impact on basic services for local residents. For example on basic services of electricity, at night the house of residents still dark without electricity, and use lamp as light.

According to the villagers of Sungai Limau, previously there is village electricity but, currently remain the electricity network only. There is no electricity as a lighting source would inhibit the young people in Sungai Limau study at night.

Not only about the basic services of electricity, road infrastructure to the village is also depraved. Road to the Sungai Limau village are made from soil, when the rainy season come, then the roads will be slippery and muddy and difficult to pass. Since regional autonomy obtained, there is no government’s efforts to pave the axis road of the village. According to the Head of Sungai Limau Mr. Inci, “As far as the development of infrastructure is sluggsih. Also occur in Siambul Village, this sluggishness of road construction is due to on the process of proposing rural development used a ranking system at the district level which requires the support of other villages.”

There is still a lack of infrastructure (roads) and basic services of electricity, would affect the condition of public education. Most of Sungai Limau villagers was in elementary to junior high school education level. Even less high school and scholars graduates are less in Sungai Limau. This lack of education was caused by many factors. Such as the absence of public transport, so that the children (junior and senior) usually use a bicycle or motorcycle go to school. Until this far, according to Mr. Inci said there is no material encouragement for high school graduates to pursue higher education. Master plan data of Acceleration of poverty reduction of Inhu Regency (2012) showed, Kulim Rakit District are the largest number of children who do not attend school throughout the Inhu regency.

Romagia from FITRA Riau said, “educational facility in Sungai Limau is still low. SD 019 Talang Sei Limau classrooms are in appalling conditions, made from wooden walls and roof of leaves. “

According to residents, until now there is no direct effort from oil and gas companies on doing improvement in social, health, and education facilities. Moreover, when residents asked for improvement of road conditions, oil and gas companies did not showed good intentions.

Another thing that remains is the irony of the Village Fund Allocation that received by Sungai Limau is still inconsiderable, coupled with a 70% of the village fund allocated for personnel and operational expenditure village office. As well, Sungai Limau do not get the revenue of mining sector that operates in Sungai Limau.

Of course this case must be fought by the villagers, so that they did not only receive dust and noise. But also receive appropriate revenue sharing, along with the allocation budget focused on poverty reduction, fulfillment of the basic services of education, electricity, and health.