Community Center of Dasan Anyar Village : Proactive on Accessing Health and Education Services

Audit Sosial Warga di Kab. Sumbawa Barat

Dasan Anyar is a village in West Sumbawa regency (KSB) which becomes affected areas of mining activities from PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara (PT NNT). The presence of PT NNT in West Sumbawa regency contributes significantly to local revenues. With high revenue derived partly from the mining sector, it should be able to encourage people to have more prosperous life. Unfortunately, various programs that undertaken by the local government, poverty alleviation programs are still done in integrated manner, it means that there is no poverty alleviation efforts devoted to mine area. Whereas, the mine areas as Dasan Anyar village, should receive special attention in the efforts to reduce poverty, so that natural resources are taken from that area can hand in hand with human progress.

In fact, well-being has not been fully realized. If we doing measurement to the community well-being, not simply by the size of the calories fulfillment per day, but also pay attention to other aspects that promote the society progress, such as on accessing to health and education services. People should not only fulfilled their food, healthy, but also they have to be and intelligent to be developed.

Dasan Anyar village residents still find difficulties on accessing health and education services. In health care, for example, many people are not aware of any BPJS program. According Nasruddin, Dasan Anyar villagers, “found numerous cases where the management of the KSB Hospital/Health Center requesting health care costs at a fairly high cost, because the residents do not have BPJS cards.” For middle-up class people, they can choose any physician practices service compared with hospital services. While the lower economic community, have no other choice besides go to the clinic/hospital in KSB. BPJS will greatly ease the burden of the vulnerable communities in accessing health services.

While the education problems, there are still levies imposed on students, amid any information about “free education”. According to Arifin, SH, Dasan Anyar resident, “the Government does not provide citizen monitoring or evaluation space against to any education service, so that extortion of money under the guise of development, and still continue to exist.” Arifin added, the levy is increasingly widespread during in school season.

Other residents Muhammad Rizal tried to decipher the illegal payments problems in education in KSB, he said “there is no clear boundary which is covered by the free education program, so there is a difference understanding between the citizens and school management. These make negative view of education services at KSB. “

In other side, there is also problem in construction of SDN 2 Dasan Anyar which has been running three years but not finished yet. According to Hanaf, “information collected from a number of schools and school management committees, found corruption indications. Because if in accordance with the defined budget, should the construction of school buildings have been completed “.

Moving from the problems perceived by Dasan Anyar residents, the residents who are members of the Community Center of Dasan Anyar Village agreed to perform some action plans. Associated with health problems, such as discussions with representatives from the Department of Health to clarify how the evaluation made by the government to free health care in hospitals and health centers, as well as the question of how public participation in improving health services. Moreover, it also invites BPJS in West Sumbawa to socialize BPJS program and its relation to free health services at KSB.

While follow up on some issues in the field of education, residents will be asked for information related to the Department of Education KSB about free education program. As well as questioning the procurement mechanism facilities such as buildings and other facilities, especially those associated with the source of the Special Allocation Fund (DAK).