District Head of Piloting Project Area Participate In South East Asia Local Leader Forum

YOGYAKARTA – A number of district head of piloting project program area of Reversing the Resource Curse, the Regent of North Aceh, Indragiri Hulu, Bojonegoro, district secretary of West Sumbawa attended the “South East Asia Local Leaders Forum 2014.” The event was initiated by the Department of Politics and Government , Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Gadjah Mada University (UGM) and Article 33 Indonesia in cooperation with the Natural Resource Governance Institute, (13/10) in Yogyakarta. Through this forum is expected there are sharing and learning for extractive industries management among the district heads in Southeast Asia and can provide recommendations and contribute to the sustainable development efforts in the future.

At the event which was opened by the Rector, Prof. Pratikno (now Secretary of State RI), the leaders of those region have opportunity to expose a number of initiatives at the local level to encourage the improvement of the extractive sector governance. Bojonegoro Regent, Suyoto explained he did attempt to maximize the local revenue of the oil and gas sector, which is for the society welfare through accountable and transparent of the planning and management in Bojonegoro. “Therefore, Bojonegoro encourage some local regulations such as decree No. 31/2009 on special Village Fund Allocation of Oil and Gas, Regulation No. 11/2011 on Equity Participation in Bojonegoro (endowment fund), Regulation No. 28/2012 on Transparency Governance in Extractive Industries and Publishing Sector Regulation 23/2011 which guarantees empowered the unskilled and local entrepreneurs, “said Sunyoto.

Indragiri Hulu regent, Yopi Arianto said it had carried out a number of initiatives to build open government through the establishment of Documentation and Information Management Officer (PPID) as the implementation of Law No. 14/2008 on KIP. In addition, to support the operation of the public information services, it also has established the Center for Public Information Services (PPIM) as information service development initiatives that became the only one in Indonesia. “Inhu district has also developed a list of Public Information (DIP) of extractive industry sector that can be accessed via the link: http://ppid.inhukab.go.id/content/dip-ekstraktif-industri,” said Yopi.

In the same occasion, the district Secretary of the West Sumbawa Regency, Musyafirin presenting a paper entitled “Experiences From Batu Hijau For Southeast Asia” that raised issues about efforts to increase revenue and untilization from the mining sector. District sectretary which compose a dissertation on PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara Contract of Work revealed how the positions and relationships of Local Government – Central Government – PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara in the Contract of Work and the impact on society of West Sumbawa regency. “Another breakthrough is the regulation at the local level such as decree No. 30/2010 on the Certificate of Origin to be expected to calculate how many resources out and what should be the revenue to be received and lost; establishment of local taxes or Newmont divestment scheme although admittedly ownership schemes have many weaknesses, “he said.

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