Evaluation Forum of Public Information Services PPID SKPD

Bojonegoro-Monday, March 30th, 2015, at the hall of Communications and Information offices of Bojonegoro regency, Documentation and Information Management Officer (PPID) Bojonegoro or called as Main PPID, in cooperation with the Institute Bojonegoro conducting Forum PPID Evaluation Forum of Public Information SKPD in Bojonegoro regency.

The event starts about 09:00am, attended by some PPID SKPD. Such as communication and informatics service, Revenue service, Energy and mineral resource service, Cooperatives and SMEs service, Public Health Service, Licensing service and Bappeda of Bojonegoro regency.

In his speech, Joko Suherman, Resource Person of the main PPID of Bojonegoro, says that in last 2014 Bojonegoro was in the fifth rank of the Regency/City of East Java province.
The evaluation will be conducted routinely, and aims to improve the quality of public information services within the district government.

“Information disclosure has been regulated in KIP law, reinforced within Information Commission Regulation of Bojonegoro by regent regulation No. 40 in 2014,” said Harka Anggara Pass, activists of Bojonegoro Institute.

According to Lulus, his nickname, in the existing regulations, public information service mechanism has been set up in such detail. Such as the need for special official with serve information requests or called PPID, there is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) public information services and preparation of the list of Public Information (DIP), as well as the information desk in each SKPD.
“DIP contained of public information list of related SKPD. DIP is facilitating public to know what SKPD should public ask if someday accessing information. If SKPD likened to the pharmacy, then the DIP is the sort list of drugs in the pharmacy” he explained.

According to Bojonegoro Institute activists, the Public Information Service mechanism of Bojonegoro regency it is already a lot. But need to optimize by the public as well as improved the quality of its services by service providers. He breaks down about 4 ponits of public information services in Bojonegoro. There is a public dialogue every Friday, LAPOR, SMS center and the establishment of PPID in each SKPD and local owned enterprises.

“I appreciate the public dialogue forum, which carried by the regent with the range of SKPD. These points can consider as differentiator to other regions. Hopefully people use these points to convey their aspirations, criticisms and complaints on the problems that they face. As well as the idea on building a better Bojonegoro, transparent and participatory”
Especially, PPID, is mandated by the Freedom of Information Law was born in 2008. “Public disclosure Institutionalization that regulating on KIP law. The PPID have an SOP, DIP and also have information service desk” he explained.

“Who wants to know Bojonegoro not only Bojonegoro people. Even from outside the area, and also from the outside country are also want to know Bojonegoro after the oil and gas presence “Lulus added.

Therefore, according to Lulus, nickname, public information service mechanism should be also accessed remotely, easy, inexpensive and valid. One of them is the Public Information System (SIP) is an integrated website. We have had 17 SKPD that formed PPID. DIP and some already have been uploaded on the website SKPD concerned.

“The right to information is guaranteed by law is for everyone. Not only on behalf of the institution or organization, we need to understand together. Because a few weeks ago there were complaining and asking to us, that there are one or two SKPD that requires to be on behalf of the institution if it is to access information, “he said.

This forum also discusses about the website appearance and content and the Public Information System (SIP), DIP, and importance of the public information service desk in each SKPD. (Sh / Ls)
Source: Bojonegoro Institute