Implementation of Public Information Disclosure in North Aceh

Preparation workshop situation DIP and SOP information services

Public Information (KIP) law as a strong legal framework to guarantee every citizen gets public information correct and accurate; it has not been accompanied by the readiness of public institutions in the region. In the context of the implementation of KIP, public bodies should be ready and able to supply and serve the public information request that is under its authority. This unpreparedness seen when testing access is done by MaTA (Transparency Society Aceh) on some SKPK (District Working Unit) during the year 2013-2014. The entire access test ended with mediation.

According Hafidh Polem, Program Coordinator Reversing the Resource Curse, “PPID in each SKPK mediated by the Information Commission Aceh, had handed over information after receiving an explanation of the Freedom of Information Law. Sadly, there is SKPK completely unaware of KIP law.”

This has encouraged MaTA along with PWYP Indonesia on strengthening PPID particularly in North Aceh. PPID reinforcement consists of a series of activities, such as workshops for the preparation of SOP and DIP PPID North Aceh, and advisory / technical assistance in the preparation of DIP and SOP.

Alamsyah Saragih is a facilitator in the preparation of SOP and DIP workshop which took place on January, 15-16th. Present in the workshop 6 sectoral PPID of 6 SKPK and 1 main PPID. “The purpose of the workshop was to increase capacity for the main and auxiliary PPID in compiling SOP and DIP also establishes integration between main PPID and sectoral PPID in the collection, documentation, and dissemination of data and public information.” Hafidh said.

In this workshop, sectoral PPID that involved as participants are the Education, Youth and Sports agency, Health agency, Agriculture agency, Water and Energy agency, Financial Management and Local Resources agency, as well as the Secretariat of the Coordinating Team for Poverty Reduction (TKPK) North Aceh district.

After the workshop, conducted technical assistance for main PPID and sectoral PPID to complete SOP and DIP information services in each SKPK. “In this technical assistance, PPID’ staff who do not understand the technical drafting can inquire directly at the Aceh Information Commission, as a resource presented in technical assistance activities. Technical assistance was produced 6 draft list of 6 PPID Public Information Assistant.” Hafidh said Polem.

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