Indragiri hulu Districts Develop Resource Center

Frequently encountered problems related to poverty data is the data from each SKPD were not integrated. Responding to this, the local government of Inhu along FITRA Inhu Riau develops a resource center, a data center that integrates data from various SKPD. Interestingly, the resource center also provides data and information related to the management of extractive industries.

The preparation of this resource center began with a workshop aimed at building understanding and cooperation in collecting data across SKPD. The data is data integrated health, education, population and civil registration (Dukcapil), agriculture and animal husbandry, agriculture, industry and trade, cooperatives and SMEs, and the data of social and demographic conditions.

“The integration of data and information is important as the basis for decision-making and policy-making” said Romagia, Program Director of FITRA Riau. To build a resource center, each SKPD must collect data owned by each, then the data inputted by TKPKD (Regional Poverty Reduction Coordination Team).

Data already inputted, and then integrated to Stat Planet. 8 of 10 SKPD are already integrated in Stat Planet. Stat Planet is software that is able to visualize data based on geographical location. So that the data is already integrated can be accessed easily, can be sorted based on geographic and online-based.

“Initially, the process of collecting data from TKPK of Inhu District runs a bit slow, but thanks to the encouragement of team Reversing the Resource Curse, finally resource center was built” said Tarmidzi, Research and Data division of FITRA Riau.

The next step is to make this data to be online, so it can be accessed by the public. However, regarding to this, TKPKD still hampered by licensing the use of software. “We have not had a license of Stat Planet, so cannot make it online” said one member of TKPKD. In addition, FITRA Riau and TKPKD also plans to meet with Regent of Inhu to show the extent of this resource center, and hope there is support from the local government regulation as well as the establishment of Data and Information Forum of Inhu districts resource center that can function in a sustainable way.

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