Long Road on Public Information Disclosure Implementation in Indragiri Hulu

Implementation of public disclosure in the region has its own challenges. Although Law no. 14 of 2008 has been enacted since 2008, but the implementation in the new area could run for years afterward. As in Indragiri Hulu (Inhu), Riau. Local Government of Inhu welcomed this act by forming PPID (Information and Documentation officer) in 2011 through Regent Decree no. 279/2011. Not only had the main PPID as manager of public information, in 2011 also formed sectoral PPID of relevant agencies.

Unfortunately, two years running PPID not work actively. Head of Dishubkominfo who became chairman PPID, Erfandi said “this is because managers do not understand the PPID workflow as a public information service center in the region and the lack of technical clue that a reference in PPID function “.

In 2012, Inhu be one of pilot project of Open Government Partnership (OGP) and one of its programs is the activation of PPID. During the mentoring from UKP4, PPID Inhu has published on Standard Operating Procedures on request public information through regent instructions, List of Public Information (DIP), and publications through the website www.ppid.inhukab.go.id. However, when FITRA Riau doing the access test to information related to the budget in 2013, has not been a positive response from PPID.

“The test results showed that the implementation of access to information on the Freedom of Information Law in Inhu not been implemented well,” said Romagia, assistant of Reversing the Resource Curse project. Through this program, FITRA Riau working with PWYP Indonesia in encouraging transparency and the use of DBH from the extractive sector for poverty reduction, with one focus is to encourage public disclosure.

In early 2014, began with the consolidation of local governments through informal meetings. Followed by the development of capacity for the main and sectoral PPID are still faced difficulties in completing the preparation of SOP DIP and how to put into operation. After the capacity building, FITRA Riau made assistance to PPID managers to complete DIP, such as meetings with related regional working units (SKPD).

On September, 24th 2014, coinciding with the anniversary of Right to Know Day, run socialization of PPID and launching DIP and SOP for 9 SKPD and public information services. “The interesting thing is PPID arrange special DIP of extractive industries. DIP consists of information-related information such as the mining companies operating permits, the extent of the mine area, as well as data reception of DBH “. Romagia said. Implementation of Freedom of Information Law in Inhu takes no small amount, but still need to be pursued in view of public disclosure is the right of every citizen.

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