Many Indigenous Tribe of Talang Mamak Residents Can not Access Poverty Reduction Program Service

Kondisi Sekolah Dasar di Desa Sungai Talang Limau (Dok. FITRA Riau)

Condition in Elementary School in Sungai Talang Limau Village (Doc. FITRA Riau)

Indigenous tribe Talang Mamak, or another known as ” Langkah Lama Tribe ” or “Suku Anak Dalam” is a tribal that lived in Indragiri Hulu, Riau jungle. Their life pattern are still in primitive style, livelihood from inhabited forests, hunting, fishing, and taking non-timber forest products becomes their daily activity in completing their daily needs.

Talang Mamak tribes was settled in Kelayang District, Indragiri Hulu regency, Riau province. Can be accessed by landline from Rengat city about 3 hours drive in rainy conditions. Because of limited access of transport and communication, it is no wonder that this Suku Anak Dalam residents still adhere their custom.

Many of Indigenous tribes Talang Mamak still embrace animism, ie belief in ancestors. This tribe also still believe in the magical power/magic that resides in the forest, this encourage indigenous tribal people maintain the relationship with the forest. The forest was believed had an important role in their social life, so they keep the preservation of forests. Although most of them still follow animist, but some residents already embracing Islam.

Because their belief, Talang Mamak residents still difficult on accessing health and education services which is entitled to them as citizens. Responding to this, the Budget Transparency Forum (FITRA) Riau advocating the Indigenous Tribe of Talang Mamak, where the location is in mining area. They doing advocacy by doing a dialogue with civil registry offices/Distarduk.

According to Romagia, Program Officer Reversing Resource Curse in Indragiri Hulu, said that the administration of population, has been responded by central government in the form of encouragement form that will issue a marriage institution, due to people can get their married certificate and birth certificates for their children. Direction from General Director of the Central government, such as formation of the marriage institution that would have an authority to sign the customary marriage letter.

Meanwhile, related to the completeness of the Family Card and ID cards, FITRA Riau dialogued with Distarduk, and the Distarduk will doing data collection and data recording. Distarduk asked the village chief to collect data, then the village chief was asked to come to the District for ID record ID.

According to Roma, because the population administrative completeness problem, indigenous tribal of Talang Mamak could not access the educational, health, and others because all disembogue to dministrative requirements.