North Aceh Government Signed Declaration of Commitment for Public Information Openness

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Secretary of North Aceh Government, Isa Anshari Signed The Declaration of Commitment (doc.MaTa Aceh)


Openness of public information is a must for an open, democratic, and progressive government.  The Law No 14/2008 on Openness of Public Information (KIP) clearly require the central and regional government to open the public information. Part of the requirement is availability of standardized infrastructure for information service. To ensure that public’ rights for information is fulfill, the law require regional government to establish and appoint PPID (Authority for Information Service and Documentation) and also provide DIP (List of Public Information).

In North Aceh Regency, PPID has been established through Regeant Decree No 016.1/510/2013 about appointment of primary and secondary PPID to implement the KIP Law. However, after one year passed by, there are no significant differences in the information service to public. Most of public agencies in the regency have no clear understanding to the law, and the implementation is still in waiting.

To tackle this challenge, MaTa (Aceh Transparency Community) collaborates with Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Indonesia, to assist the North Aceh Regency to catalyst the implementation of the KIP Law.  In October 22, 2014 Regency Government signed a declaration of commitment to implement the openness of public information. This signing was conducted parallel with a public discussion on optimizing public Information service in North Aceh.

Amiruddin, the primary PPID said that the North Aceh Government will follow up the signing by completing it with List of Public Information (DIP). “We hope all secondary PPIDs in North Aceh who have been assigned with Official Letter from Regent can start developing the DIP and standard of procedures (SOP) for information services.” The secondary PPID includes all PPID in primary service sector such as education, public health, poverty reduction, as well as other sectoral PPID such as energy and minerals, regional budget, and also regional development planning.

The Declaration of Commitment was signed by Regional Secretary of North Aceh Isa Anshari, Head of Aceh Information Commission, Afrizal Tjoetra, and Coordinator of MaTa, Alfian. Some of the text in the declaration are:

Fulfilling rights for public information is pre-requisite for implementing open, democratic, transparent, and accountable government

Achieving development target in North Aceh will be optimal if it is grounded on the spirit of information openness which lead to public participation. Such public participation can provide effective support to North Aceh Government to implement the planned development agenda.

Openness of public information in North Aceh is important and should be prioritized for continuing implementation. Thus, it can prevent misconduct and corruption in the government.

As a oil and gas producer, North Aceh Regency is expected to able to effectively manage its oil and gas revenue, through a transparent and accountable way. This is really important consider the urgency to tackle poverty especially in the impacted community who reside nearby oil and gas operation.