Residents Forms Community around Mining Forum

Residents who are members of the community center in Indragiri Hulu (Inhu) see that the efforts to reduce poverty in the region around the mine are not optimal. Moving on from these concerns, residents organized a discussion that invites the whole village chief and chairman of BPD (the village assembly) located in the region around the mine in the district of Inhu. This discussion took place in Pematang Reba (30/5).

From the discussions, appeared two discussion related to poverty reduction efforts in the mining area. First, the importance of additional development funds from the revenue sharing Fund of oil and gas for the villages in the mining area and surrounding areas. This is because residents see the imbalance of development in producer villages and rural areas around the mine.

DBH is a fund sourced from APBN allocated to areas with regard to the potential producing region by a certain percentage. DBH is used to fund the needs of the region in decentralization implementation. More specifically, DBH SDA from general mining comes from fixed fees (land rent) and dues exploration and exploitation (royalty), while DBH SDA of mining oil and gas comes from two things, namely: a) revenue from oil mining in the form of DBH allocated the government of 15.5% after tax and other levies as well as part of the central government amounted to 84.5%, and b) revenues from the mining of natural gas in the form of DBH allocated to local governments amounted to 30.5% after tax and other levies as well as part of the central government amounted to 69.5%.

Secondly, the importance of mining companies Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that operated in Indragiri Hulu. Regarding to CSR, people see that the oil companies have not implemented a clear pattern in the implementation of social responsibility. Not only that, people see corporate social responsibility still tend incidental and temporary, and is not sustainable and has not led to an increase in economic welfare of society. In terms of transparency, lack of transparency of related company’s amount of funds managed every year.

Moving on from there, people see the importance of efforts to encourage the creation of regulation and management of CSR is patterned, targeted, sustained and significant impact on improving the welfare of people in the mine area.
Present in this discussion several villages representatives, namely: Gundang Batu village, Seko Lubuk Tigo village, Japura village as rural producers and Wonosari and Banjar Balam as the villages surrounding the mine in the Lirik Field, Sungai Limau as rural producers and Talang Sungai Parit as villages around the mine area in the Binio Field, Paya Rumbai as rural producers and Talang Jerinjing as villages around the mine region of Parum Field and Pekan Harapan village as rural producers in the region Pekan Field.

This discussion finally agreed on the formation of the Village Community Around Mining Forum, to formulate policy proposals for additional funds for the development of the villages around the mine and implementation of CSR are better targeted and sustained so that the ideals of poverty reduction can be realized.

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