Strengthening Resource Center as a Fundamental Aspect in Poverty Allevation Program in Indragiri Hulu Regency  


Formulating Data and Information of Poverty in Indragiri Hulu Regency (doc. FITRA Riau)

Indragiri Hulu- Thursday (26/3) FITRA RIAU, local partner of Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Indonesia through support from Ford Foundation conducted a workshop “Developing Poverty Database and Information in Indragiri Hulu”. This workshop aims to strengthen the Resource Center in the Poverty Alleviation Coordinating Team (TKPKD) which located in Office of Development and Research Agency, Indragiri Hulu, Riau Province.

The workshop was facilitated by Yaury Tetanel and Eko Putranto of SAPA Indonesia. This workshop was expected to build capacity of TKPKD in developing an actual, publicly accesible poverty related database, and serve as baseline for developing poverty alleviation strategies.

Development of poverty –related database and information is important to promote better revenue management in rich resource region such as Riau that effective, targeted, and sustainable.

Regulation of Internal Affairs Ministry no. 42/2010 has recommended establishment of TKPKD in all level of government which serve as monitoring controlling, supervision and following up achievement to ensure implementation of related regional government policy, coordinate and monitor implementation of poverty alleviation program under each regional agencies (SKPD).

This ministrial regulation also recommend establishment of working group to provide assistance to regional secretary. This working group consist of database and information system, Partnership Development, and Community Complaint System. The former group is expected to become core part in the development of resource center in TKPKD.

Furthermore, the database and information system group has several functions range from managing and developing poverty related database, developing indicators and regional poverty information system, providing early warning system. The Resource Center is highly expected to play significant role in decision making, as well as bridging public need to access public data.

Romagia from Fitra RIAU said “ Resource center will support TKPKD in developing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating proverty alleviation program. Thus it can be more effective and efficient”. He also said that resource center could serve as main reference for regional government of Indragiri Hulu and its agencies in developing plan for long term, mid term and annual development that is targeted, efficient, and effective. Also, resource center will support local government to monitor and evaluate development program that is well distributed especially to the areas that located near extractive sector operation.

In fact, poverty rate in the near mining areas is relatively high. Yauri Tetanel says “in average poverty in the rich resource area surprisingly high”. Based on SAPA analysis in 2012, poverty rate in Indragiri Hulu up to 7.17%, with depth of poverty (P1) 1.31 and severity  (P2) 0.41. Yauri added that one indicator that is highlighted in this area is high rate of mother mortality.

The workshop was attended by Sectretariat of TKPKD from Indragiri Hulu, Agency for Family Planning and Women Empowerment, Labour, Transmigration and Social Agency, Planning Agency, Agriculture Agency, Animal Husbandary Agency, Information and Telecommunication Agency, Resident Agency, Statistical Agency, Education Agency, and Public Work Agency. The workshop was officially opened by Vice-Head of Regency Indragiri Hulu, which also Head of TKPK Indragiri Hulu.

Each participant brought their agency’ workplan (RKA) and Priority Budget List to identify related programs that included in the poverty alleviation program in 2015. Based on Fitra RIAU observation, there are lots of gaps and unsyncronize data and information. Thus, they propose establishment of a specific forum for data management.

To follow up the workshop, the participants agreed to complete all required data by April 13, and head of TKPK will officiliay informed all agencies to gather all related data. After that, all data will be entered to develop graphs and maps in each area.   This information is expected to be updated annually. “We will synchronize data and paradigm, thus a specific data forum would be crucial” said Bobby from Planning Agency of Indragiri Hulu.

In general, the workshop has highlighted an urgent need to develop a forum to synchronize data and poverty alleviation program in each agencies.