TKPKD of North Aceh Revised Regional Poverty Reduction Strategy Document

Regional Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRSP) is an important document as guidance and reference of local governments to determine the poverty reduction strategy. Additionally SPKD will be a benchmark for the performance of local governments in poverty reduction efforts. The existence of this document can optimize the use of poverty alleviation programs funds were measured and planned.

Hafidh Polem, program coordinator Reversing the Resource Curse (RRC), when met at the office of the MaTA Aceh said that the North Aceh government has drawn up and finalize the PRSP document from 2012 to 2017, but the document is not working properly. Hafidh explained this is because the PRSP document was not distributed to all stakeholders, including the SKPK (District Working Unit) directly involved in the area of poverty reduction.

“This coupled with the North Aceh PRSP documents previously prepared by a third party without involving the parties which directly involved in efforts to reduce poverty,” he explained.

The Regional Coordinating Team for Poverty Reduction (TKPKD) members was not aware of the PRSP document. This was revealed in a workshop conducted by MaTA along PWYP Indonesia, June 25.

Policy recommendations that were produced of this meeting, namely the revision of the PRSP document, then the MaTA of Aceh together with PWYP Indonesia will facilitate a series of Focus Group Discussion (FGD) to revise the PRSP North Aceh.

From the discussion, many entries submitted by members of the relevant TKPKD members related to poverty reduction. One of the inputs is the need for refinement of the data required in the formulation of PRSP of North Aceh. PRSP document revision is done hopefully encourage poverty alleviation program becomes more focused. “Hafidh said.