Village Residents Request Information of Block Binio to PPID Inhu

Warga mendatangi Kantor PPID Kab. Inhu (dok.twitter PPID Inhu/@PPIDInhu)

Community visited PPID Indragiri Hulu’s office (doc.twitter PPID Inhu/@PPIDInhu)

As citizens who are directly affected by mining activities, the villagers of Sungai Parit along Sungai Limau village residents came to main PPID of Indragiri Hulu regency to request some public information. Public information that they requested, among others: the EIA document, appropriate housing document, document HGU (leasehold), the lifting data of block oil and gas, revenue sharing (DBH) of Block Binio, as well as data about CSR program and the amount of aid to villages around Block Binio. Request for those public information is conducted on November 5th, 2014. To follow up that request, on November, 21st 2014 the residents returned to the main PPID Inhu, but residents only received EIA document and appropriate housing document.

One of the PPID officers who greet the villagers said that the HGU, lifting, DBH and aid fund and program for village around block Binio cannot be given. Residents were disappointed and plan to submit an objection to the boss PPID.

Since the data that residents requested is vital to known to public, like for example the concession documents can be used by citizens to see whether the concession land used by the oil palm plantation company in the. Inhu district exceed the extent specified in the concession or not. Then, the lifting data of oil and gas and DBH is important to know to look at the amount of oil and gas production and how the amount and use of DBH.

Along with the CSR data CSR also important to citizens as a basis for demanding the fulfillment of the rights of citizens around the mining and plantations area, as well as to demand the implementation of CSR. Romagia from FITRA Riau stating that “CSR of mining and oil palm plantations document is necessary to see how far the implementation of CSR. Romagia also added, the company does not help to improve the road in Sungai Limau . The road is still on impassable difficult ground during the rainy season which is a village in the vicinity of the gas mine (Medco). And according to village chief of Talang Sungai Parit, PTPN V which has oil palm plantations in the villages are also not realize their CSR program. “

Based on the applicable procedures, the objection no later than 30 days after the PPID provides answers. Unfortunately, the villagers of Sungai Parit and Sungai Limau not continue the objection because at that time they were preoccupied with custom events. However, although the time to ask objection has ended, residents can still make the request public information related to the documents that have not been obtained.

Associated with the performance of PPID, Romagia added, “PPID in the Inhu regency compared with other PPID in Riau Province is the most active site that won the award for best PPID in Riau province version of the Information Commission in 2014. Meanwhile, for PPID helper still need to be encouraged readiness and consistency in carrying out the functions of PPID. “