Workshop on Developing Strategy and utilise Information Technology to Integrate Database in Poverty Alleviation

Workshop attended by delegations from 4 districts (Sumbawa Barat, 20-22 Jan 2015). (Doc. PWYP Indonesia)

Workshop attended by delegations from 4 districts (Sumbawa Barat, 20-22 Jan 2015). (Doc. PWYP Indonesia)

Publish What You Pay Indonesia (PWYP) conducted a 1st workshop on “Using Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) to develop strategy for poverty erradication” and “Development of Resource Center in Oil, Gas, and Mining Region”. The event was conducted on January 20-22, 2015 in West Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara. This workshop was attended by TKPKD (Regional Coordinating Team for Poverty Erradication) from four regency: North Aceh, Indragiri Hulu, Bojonegoro,and West Sumbawa, and part of capacity building for stakeholders in the pilot sites in the Reversing Resource Curse (RRC) Program initiated by PWYP Indonesia through support from Ford Foundation.

This program aims to reverse the curse threat from natural resources that is  often found in rich resources regions.  The curse usually occur in the form of unparallel trend of amount of natural resources and well-being of its people.

Through this workshop, regional governments were equipped and assisted to develop strategies to erradicate poverty by analysing it through multidimensional approach. This apporach was developed by Oxford University and known as Multi-Dimentional Povrty Index (MPI). Thus, government can prioritise intervention strategies to effectively address poverty problems.  Also, the workshop provided assistance to develop resource center as a support system to integrate poverty related data and information which has been developed by SAPA (Strategic Alliance for Poverty Alleviation).

During the workshop, participants involved in fruitfull discussions on the importance of strengthening TKPKD and developing strategic proverty alleviation program that well-planned, well-funded, address the root causee, effective, and not overllapped with other programs.  Participants also found that there are  huge need to use information technology to sincronise and provide poverty-related data, which are valid, accurate, and dynamic.

Bachtiar from Planning Agency of North Aceh said that such workshop should be followed up with in-house training for implementing staffs and ask replicatication training in his regency. Similarly, Junaedi from Planniing Agency of Bojonegoro said that he want to apply the information technology and his Regeant even suggested that such technology can be use to further promote the open government. The workshop also attended by CSR team from Newmont Nusa Tenggara Co. [Asr, Ary, My].